What is included

The upgrade will include our intermediate shaft bearing of choice, which is made by "EPS" and is a cylindrical roller bearing. Unlike it's competitors, there have been no reported failures of this particular bearing. Full details can be found at: https://www.europeanpartssolution.com/ims-bearing-upgrade-kit/

A new OEM rear main oil seal is included in the upgrade, as well as an OEM clutch kit, made by "Sachs", as supplied by Porsche main dealer. (Please note - clutch kit included on manual transmission cars only). All of the above is fitted to the car by our designated Porsche mechanics specialist; Porscha Care Ltd within the price. 


The pricing for the upgrades are as follows:

996 : £1,250

986 : £1,300

997 : £1,350

987 : £1,400


Although the issue is vastly exaggerated, the intermediate shaft bearing is known to be a suspect part of the engine with the Porsche 986, 996, early 987 and early 997 models. Due to this, we at Friends Green Porsche offer an IMS bearing upgrade on all of these models sold.

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