Price - £15,996 - OR - £17,246 with new upgraded "EPS" cylindrical IMS bearing, new OEM clutch kit & new OEM rear main crank seal.
Short video of the car:
Porsche 911 996 Carrera 2 manual, registered 15/06/1999, 42,934 miles, MOT 15/07/2019, full service history, 6 owners, HPI clear. 
A quite exceptional example of the increasingly sought after Porsche 996. Presented in the Arctic Silver paint colour (colour code L92U), this Porsche is beautifully straight along every body panel and it's coachwork is free from any car park dings, scrapes or scratches. In fact, the only negative that could be made of the Porsches aesthetics would be a few very minor stone chips to the nose. The paintwork itself is also in wonderful condition, without any swirl marks or blemishes and with a brilliant metallic shine, which has been emphasised by the soft head full body machine polish and wax that the car has had while in with us. The car sits on it's original and genuine two piece split BBS alloy wheels, all four of which are in presentable condition and have Pirelli P Zero tyres fitted. 
In the cabin of the Porsche is a grey leather interior that represents the exceptionally low mileage of the car. There is little wear to be found anywhere, with all of the carpets, door cards, headlining, dash etc in outstanding condition and the leather seats also suffering from minimal wear. A feature we like about this particular example is how basic the specification is. This 996 does not have PSM (Porsche stability management), or even TC (traction control). It also does not have the additional speakers in the door cards, the onboard trip computer, cruise control, electric seats etc. The features that the Porsche does have all work just as they should, including the air conditioning system, which we have just refreshed with two new condensers and a system re-gas. There are three keys present, two of which are working remote key fobs. The optional extra codes on this car are as follows: C16. XRB, 436, 650, 696, 982.
The car drives and operates as would be expected of a Porsche that has covered fewer than 43,000 miles. The M96 3.4 litre flat 6 engine starts on the button, idles smoothly, and possesses power that produces brilliant acceleration. There is no smoke from the tail pipes and nor are there any leaks or untoward tapping noises. Out on the road, the handling ability is fantastic, with a vast amount of grip and "feel". As is noted in the above section, this example has a basic specification with no PSM or TC, which means there are no driver aids interrupting when pushing the car close to it's limits. In addition, being an early example, the Porsche has the mechanical cable throttle, which again increases the general feel of involvement in the drive. The brakes stop the car well with the front discs and pads being fairly new. The clutch is lovely and light as it should be and the 6 speed manual gearbox transfers through it's gears seamlessly. To summarise, the Porsche offers a very enjoyable driving experience, which one would fail to become bored of.
Service history
There is a full service history present, with a fully stamped maintenance booklet, nearly all previous MOT certificates and some miscellaneous paperwork such as invoices for works. 
The service intervals are as follows: 28/07/2000 - 5,161 miles, 06/08/2001 - 9,269 miles, 17/05/2002 - 13,372 miles, 15/09/2003 - 18,468 miles, 29/10/2004 - 23,247 miles, 27/02/2008 - 28,505 miles, 28/12/2010 - 34,204 miles, 05/02/2014 - 38,432 miles, 20/01/2015 - 40,487 miles, 27/07/2016 - 41,965 miles, 01/08/2018 - 42,927 miles. 
As noted, the Porsche has just undergone a minor service while in with us.

Porsche 911 996 Carrera Manual - SOLD

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