Porsche 911 996 Carrera 2 manual, registered on 11/12/1998, 85,242 miles, 12 months MOT, full service history, 8 owners, HPI clear. 


Short video of the car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giBG6qQ-0RE&feature=youtu.be


Intro / exterior

Here we have a lovely, early example of the 996. We are very fond of these early cars as they make the driver feel involved due to being light-weight, basic in the way of spec, and cable throttled. The car is found with a gorgeous colour combination of Ocean Blue paint colour (paint code L3AZ) and timeless black leather interior. The Porsche is a non-sun roof model, which is uncommon and leaves a cleaner and less cluttered looking roof line across the car. The bodywork is beautifully straight, without any car park dents or scrapes and the paintwork possesses an untainted deep metallic shine that really catches the eye. There are some stone chips to the front bumper and the odd mark to the paint, but these imperfections are minor and do not take away from the car's overall gorgeous appearance. While in with us, we have given the car a full body soft machine polish and hand wax to emphasise and protect the condition of the paintwork. The alloy wheels are the original and genuine Porsche BBS "turbo twist" wheels, which are in presentable condition with nearly new N rated Pirelli P Zero tyres fitted. 



The black leather interior doesn't represent its age and is capable of passing for that of a much younger car. There is no damage to note of anywhere inside and only some minor surface cracks to the side bolstering of the driver's seat. Everything else is in wonderful order, including areas such as the headlining, dashboard and the carpets. All the electrical functions inside the cabin work as they should do, including the air conditioning, which blows ice cool. As has been mentioned earlier, this particular example is a very basic specced car, which is something we and a lot of our customers prefer, as it leaves a more analogue and involved sports car. There is no PSM (Porsche Stability Management), no TC (traction control), no sunroof and the throttle is cable operated. The only notable optional extra is the three prong steering wheel. The optional extra codes are as follows: 



This 911 is joyous to drive and that is due to a combination of the fantastic mechanical order it is found in and the desirable spec it possesses. As noted earlier, being an early and basic model, the Porsche is light-weight and therefore nimble in the corners. The lack of traction control, the manual gearbox and the cable throttle give a real sense of driver involvement, which is a satisfying feeling to the person behind the wheel. The 3.4 litre flat 6 motor fires in to life just as it should, idles smoothly and is free from any leaks, smoking or abnormal noises. In 2015, Scart Classic stainless steel sports exhausts were fitted at the cost of over £1,500, which is excellent value for the beautiful sound they emit. The manual gearbox shifts through its six speeds smoothly and the clutch is light with a positive engagement point. The brakes stop the car sharply with all four discs, pads, the fluid and lines renewed within the last 5,000 miles ago. The suspension is tight, with recent renewal of components such as drop links, lower arms and a rear strut. There is great grip and traction from the car, assisted by the nearly new Pirelli P zero tyres that the car sits on. 


Service history

A large history file is present, with paperwork such as invoices for works dating from when the car was new right up until the present day, as well as nearly every MOT certificate, several previous sales invoices, HPI certificates etc. There is also the original Porsche owners leather wallet containing the owners manuals and the maintenance booklet which shows 16 service intervals completed. 

The service intervals are as follows: 14/06/1999 - 11,729 miles, 17/02/2000 - 26,520 miles, 19/03/2001 - 34,133 miles, 12/01/2002 - 41,380 miles, 04/02/2003 - 45,162 miles, 06/02/2003 - 45,162 miles, 17/02/2004 - 47,771 miles, 17/09/2004 - 54,637 miles, 07/08/2007 - 61,660 miles, 05/01/2010 - 71,863 miles, 15/11/2011 - 78,570 miles, 29/01/2014 - 81,473 miles, 26/01/2015 - 82,550 miles, 04/02/2016 - 83,870 miles, 26/01/2017 - 84,380 miles, 28/02/2019 - 85,121 miles. 

Recent works other than routine servicing include; lower suspension arms, stainless steel sports back boxes, radiator, suspension strut, drop links, front and rear brake discs & pads, brake pipes, brake fluid


Porsche 911 996 Carrera Manual - SOLD

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