Porsche 911 996 Carrera manual, registered on 01/02/2001, 97k miles, MOT 29/11/2020, full service history, 5+ owners, HPI clear. 


Short video of the car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9_X1Xcrmf4


Intro / exterior

Here we have a very special Porsche, so please do take the time to read the following description in full, as it will be a tall order to find a finer example available on the market. As is detailed in the following sections, the previous owner has cared for this Porsche meticulously, spending on all the areas that require it at 19 years of age, giving the next owner the peace of mind that minimal spending will be required for years to come. This 911 has all of the spec that Porsche-lovers find most desirable and as such it really stand out amongst the 996 crowd. The factory fitted GT3 aero kit is very popular and makes for a more eye catching car. The factory fitted M030 sports suspension not only improves the handling ability of the car but also drops the ride height by 10mm giving it a more sporty stance. Being a non-sun roof model presents a cleaner and sleeker looking roof line and the rare factory fitted BBS Sports Classic 2 alloy wheels look gorgeous alongside the aforementioned features. The alloy wheels have just been split and refurbished while in with us, with the inner rim finished in original silver and the outer rim finished with a diamond cut finish. The Zenith Blue (paint code L3AX) body colour is also relatively rare and makes the Porsche even more distinctive. The condition of the coachwork is astounding, with no car park dings, no scratches and every panel as straight as could be. The paintwork is also brilliantly clean with no blemishes and no swirl marks, benefitting from a soft machine polish and hand wax while in with us. We have also treated the car to its front bumper being removed and refurbished, meaning there are no stone chips to it.



Inside the car is a grey leather interior that sits beautifully alongside the blue exterior. The condition inside is lovely, with the optional extra sports hard back seats in very good condition, with minimal wear to the leather. Other areas such as the carpets, headlining and dashboard are in beautiful order and all of the electrical function work perfectly, including the air conditioning system. There are some desirable optional extras with the Porsche, including the already-noted M030 sports suspension and PSE (Porsche switchable exhaust), non-sun roof, GT3 aero kit, sport hard back seats with shoulder supports, "Tequipment" gearstick and handbrake with aluminium embodiment, 3 prong steering wheel and Tequipment chrome tail pipe tips. The optional extra codes are as follows: 236, X54, X71, XAA, XRB, 030, 061, 071, 130, 197, 211, 219, 271, 273, 274, 321, 335, 338, 375, 376, 421, 425, 436, 441, 466, 480, 492, 534, 536, 539, 540, 562, 563, 566, 567, 571, 573, 581, 590, 602, 605, 620, 651, 652, 657, 685, 936, 983. 



Mechanically speaking this 996 is second-to-none. All of the work that is routinely necessary at 19 years old has been carried out and all of said work is detailed in the service history (noted below in the service history section). The engine performs as Porsche intended, with vast amounts of power available, a crisp throttle response and a fabulous noise. The car benefits from the installation of a full sports exhaust system, including stainless headers, sports catalytic converters and original Porsche switchable sports back boxes. This combination of components produces a sound that is to die for so please take the time to watch the walk-around video to experience this. There is no smoke produced, no leaks, no untoward sounds produced and no IMS bearing woes to worry about as this was upgraded in 2016 at 88k miles. While the IMS bearing was being upgraded, the clutch was also renewed, meaning it is lovely and light. The gearbox is silky smooth through its six gears and the brakes stop the car in an instant. As previously mentioned, this 996 boasts the M030 sports suspension package, which makes the handling more responsive and firm, but does not compromise the ride quality significantly. The Porsche has had a significant amount of its suspension components renewed in recent times (detailed below) and as such feels fresh and tight. 


Service history

There is as comprehensive a service history with this car as one could hope for. A hard-backed folder thick with paperwork is present, chronologically ordering the vast amount of works the car has received, as well as containing the MOTs, sales invoices, HPI reports etc. There is of course also the original Porsche leather wallet with all of the Porsche booklets, including the maintenance record which evidences 12 service intervals. These intervals are as follows: 

23/01/2001 - 9,403 miles, 17/06/2002 - 15,366 miles, 01/10/2003 - 29,004 miles, 10/03/2005 - 39,629 miles, 16/02/2006 - 45,957 miles, 30/08/2007 - 52,529 miles, 26/08/2008 - 56,169 miles, 25/08/2009 - 60,032 miles, 01/09/2010 - 62,979 miles, 24/02/2012 - 74,171 miles, 22/03/2013 - 81,682 miles, 05/05/2017 - 88,860 miles, 02/05/2020 - 97,770 miles.

As noted, the car has just undergone a fresh service with us.

One of the reasons this Porsche is one of the finest examples is because, as has already been touched upon, the previous owner has carried out all of the typical work that is required on a 911 of this age. Some of this work includes; 6x coil packs, 6x spark plugs, 4x lower suspension arms, set of 9 uprated Powerflex bushes for suspension arms, 2x control arms, 2x anti roll bar links, 2 x track rods, 2x track rod inner joints, anti roll bar, anti roll bar link, front top mounts, bump stops and bearings, most brake lines replaced, alternator, clutch, flywheel, IMS bearing upgrade, rear main oil seal, gear box bearing, water pump, water thermostat, MAF sensor, full sports exhaust system including stainless steel headers and sports 200 cell catalytic converters.

Porsche 911 996 Carrera Manual - SOLD

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