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Porsche 911 997 Carrera S manual, registered on 09/07/2005, 79,786 miles, MOT 02/05/2019, full service history, 6 owners, HPI clear. 



For sale here is this immaculate example of the Porsche 997S. The history for this Porsche evidences that it has been meticulously cared for by it's owners and this really shows through it's aesthetics. The coachwork is wonderful and completely untainted throughout, with the Porsche's beautiful curvature free from car park dings, scratches or general damage. The Arctic Silver (paint colour code L92U) paintwork is in fabulous condition with a deep metallic shine and without any scratches or swirl marks, also benefitting from a full body soft compound machine polish and hand wax while in with us. There are a few very minor stone chips to the front bumper, but this is being highly critical. The 997 sits on it's original "Lobster Claw" Porsche 19" alloy wheels, which have been fairly recently refurbished so do not have any curb marks present. The tyres fitted are Pirelli P Zeros on the front and Bridgestone Potenzas on the rear, all of which have lots of tread remaining. 



The black leather interior fulfils the classic and sought after Porsche combination of Arctic silver paint on black interior. Everything inside has worn very well indeed, including the optional extra sports hard-back seats with shoulder supports, which have no damage and little cracking, with only minimal signs present on the drivers side bolster. The dashboard and optional extra alcantara suede headlining is as new, the door cards and carpets are without noteworthy wear and all of the dials etc are as they should be. Everything electrical function in the car works as it should, including the air condition system which benefitted from new condensers in 2014, as well as the installation of a protective grill to prevent damage to them in the future. In addition to the seats and head-lining, the Porsche also boasts optional extras such as; the "Sports Chrono" pack which features the sports button that firms the suspension and sharpens the throttle response, and the dash lap timer, onboard computer with mpg/range etc, xenon headlights and auto dimming mirrors. The optional extra codes are as follows: C16, 026, 267, 268, 375, 376, 407, 567, 610, 640, 670, 692, 936, 983.



As stated above, the 911 has been cared for meticulously and as such, drives like a dream. The 3.8 litre engine performs just as Porsche intended, with a nice smooth idle and vast power and performance on the road with a gorgeous soundtrack for company. The engine is also bone dry underneath, does not emit any smoke from the exhausts and is free from untoward noises within. The six speed manual gearbox provides a smooth change, with it's gear cables replaced 4,000 miles ago and the clutch is as it should be, having been renewed in 2013 / 18,000 miles ago, along with the dual mass flywheel at JZM Porsche. The big "S" brakes were renewed at 49,000 miles and stop the car confidently. The handling ability is fantastic, the Sports Chrono pack provides a taut and lively sports car when the sports button is pressed, but a drivable and comfortable car for when cruising when sports is deactivated. This 997 feels particularly tight and responsive due to having it's front suspension totally refreshed (detailed below) by Rennspeed Porsche for the cost of nearly £3,000 a mere 4,000 miles ago. 


Service history

The service history with the car is as full and comprehensive as could be wished for. Present is the fully stamped maintenance booklet, all of the original Porsche booklets and wallets, and a folder filled with paperwork for all of the works completed to the car, evidencing £10,000 worth of care in the last 5 years alone. 

The service intervals are as follows: 12/04/2007 - 19,550 miles, 19/05/2009 - 30,527 miles, 21/05/2010 - 41,267 miles, 28/11/2011 - 49,016 miles, 06/02/2013 - 51,735 miles, 15/01/2015 - 61,962 miles, 25/02/2017 - 75,368 miles.

As stated, there has been a vast amount spent on the car's maintenance, some of the works from the last few years include: water pump, gear cable set, complete front suspension (2x "PASM" Porsche dampers, 2x suspension springs, 2x turning forks, 2x lower control arms, 2x bump stops, 2x top mounts, 1x steering rack end), 6x coil packs, brake fluid, tensioner seal, door liner, window regulator, lid switch, radiator fan, 2x air conditioning condensers, horn, clutch kit, dual mass flywheel, 2x track rod ends, 2x coolant hoses.


Porsche 911 997 Carrera S Manual - SOLD

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