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Porsche 911 997 Carrera S manual, registered on 25/04/2005, 53,065 miles, 12 months MOT, full service history, 3 previous owners, HPI clear. 


Intro / Exterior

Here we have a beautiful, low mileage and desirably specced 997, with the later, stronger IMS bearing configuration, as confirmed by its engine number. The Porsche has untainted coachwork and Basalt Black (colour code LC9Z) paintwork that possesses a fantastic, glossy, metallic shine. There are minimal blemishes, limited to few very minor stone chips to the front bumper. The Porsche has also benefitted from our usual day's worth of detailing to exhibit and protect its superb physical condition. Beneath lay the genuine 5 spoke Carrera S alloy wheels, which are without a mark. During our preparation phase, we have renewed all four tyres with Michelin Pilot Sports. 



The cabin is filled with a matching black leather interior that has been specified from the factory with an enormous list of optional extras. The condition inside is outstanding, showing very little wear, even to the most heavily used areas. The Porsche has very recently had its steering wheel, hand brake and gear stick re-trimmed in a sports-style leather material, which looks and feels superb. Every electrical function operates as it did when new, including the optional retractable sun-roof and the air conditioning system, which recently benefitted from renewed condensers and also a system re-gas while in with us. To note just a few of the desirable options that this car boasts; Sports Chrono package, sports hard back seats with shoulder supports, 8 way electric seats with memory positioning, steering wheel controls, Bose sound system with built in subwoofer, and stainless "Carrera S" kick plates. The option codes list as follows: C16, 030, 220, 375, 376, 407, 431, 567, 610, 640, 666, 670, 680, 692, 936.


Mechanics / Drive

Mechanically the 997 is in wonderful condition and has just had a lengthy list of work that these cars often require at this age carried out while in with us (noted below). The engine performs as Porsche intended, with a fantastic sound and tremendous performance on the road. As noted earlier, the engine number confirms that this 997 has the later, strengthened variant of the IMS shaft and bearing, so there are no worries to be had with regard to this subject. There are no leaks underneath, no smoke from the tail pipes and no untoward noises from the internals. The six speed manual gearbox provides a rifle-like gear change and the clutch is light with a positive bite. The large "S" brakes provide great stopping force and are found in good condition, having had new discs and pads all round less than 8,000 miles ago. The handling ability is just what it should be as a 911; taut and responsive when called upon (i.e. in sports mode), but comfortable and compliant when cruising with sports mode deactivated. The brand new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres fitted provide excellent grip, and the suspension on the car is absolutely tight.


Service history / Sales Prep

A comprehensive service history is with the Porsche. There is a folder filled with paperwork for the car, which includes invoices for works completed, MOT certificates, HPI certificates, and previous sales invoices etc. There is also of course the original Porsche wallet containing the owner's manuals and the service booklet.


The service intervals are as follows: 18/04/2007 - 15,575 miles, 10/03/2009 - 24,758 miles, 28/01/2011 - 30,792 miles, 25/01/2013 - 34,566 miles, 05/03/2015 - 46,275 miles, 25/01/2019 - 50,507 miles, 09/04/2021 - 53,065 miles.


As noted above, we have just carried out a fresh service on the car, as well as a brake fluid change and an MOT. Further sales preparation we have completed includes; renewal of the front cross over coolant pipes and connecting hoses, renewal of the starter motor, renewal of the starter/alternator "Y" cables, renewal of the N/S/F suspension bump stop, renewal of the coil pack heat shields, renewal of 4x tyres, renewal of the wiper blades, renewal of the battery securing clamp, renewal of the luggage compartment light, re-gas of the air conditioning system, cleaning of the scuttle area and clearing of the drain holes, clean and protecting of the rear brake calliper pipes, cleaning and lubrication of the spoiler mechanism.


As noted earlier, in not so distant times, the Porsche has also had new brake discs and pads all round, new air conditioning condensers, as well as a new tandem pump, and new front suspension trailing arms.

Porsche 911 997 Carrera S Manual - SOLD

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