Price - £19,996 - OR - £21,246 with new upgraded "EPS" cylindrical IMS bearing, new OEM clutch kit & new OEM rear main crank seal.
Short video of the car:
Porsche 911 996 Carrera 2 manual, registered 20/09/1999, 49,904 miles, MOT 08/04/2018, full service history, 5 owners, HPI clear. 
Offered for sale is one of the nicest Porsche 996s we have come across. This example is a very rare and desirable spec, with the fabulous combination of the gorgeous Guards Red (colour code L84A) paint colour, sun-roof delete and original GT3 aero kit. The condition of the bodywork is wonderful, with every body panel being absolutely straight and free from any scrapes or scratches. While in with us, the front bumper has been removed and professionally resprayed to rectify the few stone chips that were present. The Paintwork is also outstanding, with hardly a mark to be seen anywhere and the Guards Red colour is eye catching-ly vivid, with no signs of fade and possesses a beautiful gleaming shine. The original GT3 aero kit suits the Guards Red paint colour superbly and the sun roof delete gives a roof line that is much sleeker and cleaner looking. This combination of spec presents a Porsche that really stands out amongst the 996 crowd and turns head everywhere it goes. The 911 also boasts the optional extra "Tequipment" chrome exhaust tail pipes, which also add to the car's stand-out looks. The Porsche sits on original, genuine BBS "Turbo Twist" wheels which have just been professionally refurbished so are in immaculate condition. The tyres are premium branded and have lots of tread.
Inside the car is a contrasting Savannah leather interior that is in wonderful condition, as would be expected of a Porsche on such low a mileage. The seats are all in lovely order, with minimal wear even to the side bolstering on the driver's seat. The dashboard, carpets, door cards and optional extra alcantara suede head-lining etc also all represent the car's exceptionally low mileage, with minimal wear. Everything electrical in the Porsche works just as it should and there are two work remote key fobs present. The optional extra codes on this car are as follows: C16, XRL, 236, 424, 425, 567, 689, 695, 790, 936, 981, 983, 09991.
Mechanically speaking, the Porsche drives as well as it did when it left Stuttgart in 1999. The engine performs wonderfully, with lots of power, a smooth idle and a brilliant sound track. There are no untoward tapping noises, no leaks and no smoke from the tail pipes. The gears change through the 6 speed manual gearbox smoothly and precisely and the clutch is lovely and light with the correct engaging point. The brakes are in good order and when applied, the car stops on a six pence. There are no abnormal noises produced from any of the suspension components, with all being in good order, and as such, the car goes through the bends as if on rails. The steering is positive and precise, which gives great confidence to the driver when cornering.
Service history
The Porsche comes with a full service history, with a fully stamped maintenance booklet, all the original owners manuals and leather wallets, invoices for works completed, MOT certificates, etc.
The service intervals completed are as follows: 06/12/2000 - 7,712 miles, 11/01/2002 - 13,143 miles, 04/09/2002 - 16,518 miles, 05/12/2003 - 27,819 miles, 19/11/2004 - 31,460 miles, 14/06/2005 - 34,013 miles, 21/06/2006 - 36,492 miles, 05/06/2007 - 37,945 miles, 04/06/2008 - 39,337 miles, 29/06/2009 - 41,729 miles, 29/06/2010 - 42,541 miles, 23/06/2011 - 45,102 miles, 18/03/2014 - 46,548 miles, 16/04/2015 - 46,934 miles, 22/03/2018 - 49,813.
As noted, the Porsche has just been serviced and this was completed by the Porsche main dealer. In addition, while in with us, we have renewed both air conditioning condensers and re-gassed the system.

Porsche 996 Carrera Manual - SOLD

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