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Porsche 911 997 Carrera S manual, registered on 02/01/2005, 59,862 miles, MOT 14/07/2021, full service history, 5 previous owners, HPI clear. 


Intro / exterior

Here we have a beautiful example of the Porsche 997 Carrera S, which has had its IMS bearing upgraded by us, nullifying this cause for concern with these cars. Being an early 997, the car is also in the lower, cheaper road tax category. The car has been meticulously cared for by its owners and this really shows through its aesthetics. The coachwork is wonderful with its beautiful curvature free from car park dings, scratches and general damage. The Arctic Silver (colour code L92U) paintwork is in gorgeous condition, free from any scratches or swirl marks and benefitting from our usual FGP full day's worth of detailing. The 997 sits on its original Porsche 19" "Lobster Claw" alloy wheels, which we have had refurbished and are therefore in immaculate condition. Bridgstone Potenza tyres with 4-5mm are fitted to the front and Pirelli P Zeros with 5-6mm are fitted to the rear. 


The black leather interior looks very well alongside the Arctic Silver exterior and provides for a classy looking Porsche 911. Everything inside has worn very well indeed, including the areas that usually show signs of wear, such as the drivers side bolster and steering wheel. Every electrical function inside the car works as it should, including the air condition system and the electric retractable sun roof. The Porsche boasts some nice spec such as; sports hard back seats with shoulder supports, silver coloured instrument dials, alcantara suede headlining, Sports Chrono Plus package (with lap-timer delete) and retractable electric sun-roof. There are two remote key fobs with the car. The optional extra codes read as follows: C16, 375, 376, 425, 567, 650, 936, 981, 983, 680, 936, 981, 983, 09971, 09991.



As stated above, the 911 has been cared for meticulously and as such, drives like a dream. The 3.8 litre engine performs just as Porsche intended, with a nice smooth idle, vast power and performance on the road, and a gorgeous soundtrack for company, enhanced by the stainless steel sports exhaust manifolds that have been installed. The engine is bone dry underneath, does not emit any smoke from the exhausts and is free from untoward noises. As detailed earlier, the IMS bearing has been upgraded while in with us, so there are no worries to be had in this department. The manual gearbox provides a smooth gear change, the clutch is light with a positive biting point, having also been renewed by us during the IMS bearing upgrade, and the big "S" brakes stop the car confidently, with lots of life remaining in the discs and pads. The handling ability of the 911 is fantastic; it is a taut and lively sports car when the electronic sports suspension button is selected in Sports Chrono Plus, but a drivable and comfortable car for cruising when the sports suspension is deactivated. 

Service history / sales prep

Present is the fully stamped maintenance booklet, all of the original Porsche booklets and wallets, and a folder of paperwork for works completed to the car.

The service intervals are as follows: 12/12/2006 - 8,829 miles, 13/01/2009 - 16,040 miles, 19/01/2011 - 29,201 miles, 25/05/2012 - 37,504 miles, 29/04/2014 - 45,346 miles, 24/06/2016 - 48,147 miles, 24/07/2017 - 49,428 miles, 23/07/2019 - 54,809 miles, 09/12/2020 - 59,862 miles.

As noted above, we have just carried out a service on the car in preparation for sale. In addition, as was detailed earlier in this description, we have upgraded the IMS bearing, renewed the clutch, and renewed the rear main oil seal.  Other work we have completed during our preparation process includes renewal of: starter motor, oil pressure sender, front floor mats, windscreen wipers, brake fluid change, and given the car a four wheel alignment. In recent years the Porsche has also benefitted from work such as: renewal of alternator, auxiliary belt, 6x coil packs, 6x spark plugs, 2x coil pack heat shields, 2x stainless steel sports exhaust manifolds, 2x air conditioning condensers, 2x rear shock absorber, 2x rear suspension spring, 2x rear suspension top mount.

Porsche 911 997 Carrera S Manual - SOLD

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