Porsche 911 996 Carrera manual, registered on 22/07/2002, 99,370 miles, 12 months MOT, full service history, 5 previous owners, HPI clear.













In manual, coupe guise, and finished in the vibrant Lapis Blue body colour (colour code L3A8), this 996 Carrera makes for a desirable 911. The condition of the coachwork is very good throughout, with beautifully straight panels and wonderful untainted paintwork. Imperfections are limited to a few minor stone chips to the nose, and the Porsche has benefitted from our customary FGP day’s worth of detailing, presenting it in its best light and protect the paint’s finish for the foreseeable. Lapis Blue is incredibly striking, which changes tone of colour depending on the light conditions. Being a non-sun roof car, the roof-line is clean and sleek-looking. During our sales preparation, we renewed the suspension coil springs, installing genuine Porsche “M030” sports springs, which very subtly stiffen the suspension and lower the car by a modest 10mm, providing a slightly more sporty stance. The headlights are clear, having not suffered from the common oxidisation. The original and genuine 5-spoke Porsche Carrera wheels are in pristine condition, having just undergone professional refurbishment during our preparation process, and the brake callipers present like four pieces of fine art, having just been removed and professionally refurbished in Guards Red as part of our preparation process (advertisement pictures prior to refurbishment).


A Metropol Blue leather interior compliments the Lapis Blue exterior and makes for a classy combination. The condition inside could pass for a car far younger than its years, with everything wearing beautifully. The leather seats have not sagged, cracked or discoloured, with even the driver’s side bolster looking fresh. Other common wear areas such as the driver’s door card and gear stick also look lightly used. The steering wheel is in immaculate condition, having just been reupholstered in sports leather and with colour coded Metropol Blue stitching (advertisement picture prior to reupholstery). During our preparation work, we have also had the seat belts re-webbed in Guards Red, tying in beautifully with the refurbished brake callipers. (advertisement pictures prior to belts re-webbing). Everything inside operates just as Porsche intended, including all of the electrical functions, such as the air conditioning, which, during our preparation process, we have just renewed the front to rear low pressure pipe on and re-gassed the system. The genuine Porsche GT3 centre console “delete” has been installed, which offers a cleaner and less cluttered lower part to the centre console. A Kenwood head-unit has also been installed, with phone connectivity etc. In terms of optional equipment, the 996 boasts the Tequipment hand brake and gear stick with aluminium embodiment, as well as alcantara suede headlining and headlight washers. The option codes read as follows: C16, X97, X98, 226, 288, 411, 425, 476, 567, 601, 662, 663, 689, 936, 981, 09991.


The 3.6 litre, rear mounted flat 6 is in fine health, benefitting from an IMS bearing upgrade, carried out by us 12 months / 2,000 miles ago. We also renewed the rear main oil seal, so the underside is leak-free. The well-regarded 6-speed manual transmission is a pleasure to operate, going through the gears fluently, married to a clutch with a positive bite and a light pedal, having also been renewed by us. The suspension has had a fairly comprehensive overhaul within the last 12 months (detailed in the below Service History / Sales Prep section), including an array of subtle, but purposeful upgrades, and as such, the Porsche is joyous to navigate through the bends, with utterly tight and responsive steering. The 911 rests on nearly-new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres and the brakes have very little wear, providing excellent stopping power.


The comprehensive servicing record is made up of a folder filled with documentation relating to the car, such as previous works invoices, MOT certificates, and other miscellaneous papers, as well as the original owners wallet containing the owners manuals and the maintenance booklets. There are 20 service intervals stamped and those intervals are as follows:


30/04/2003 – 10,605 miles, 16/04/2004 – 14,305 miles, 05/07/2005 – 30,415 miles, 05/07/2006 – 39,032 miles, 06/07/2007 – 45,142 miles, 06/08/2008 – 49,218 miles, 09/07/2009 – 54,204 miles, 07/10/2011 – 65,200 miles, 05/12/2013 – 78,955 miles, 04/08/2010 – 59,200 miles, 07/10/2011 – 65,200 miles, 20/12/2012 – 70,217 miles, 05/12/2013 – 78,955 miles, 10/12/2014 – 84,000 miles, 13/01/2015 – 88,752 miles, 14/01/2016 – 93,195 miles, 13/01/2017 – 93,198 miles, 10/01/2018 – 95,199 miles, 31/01/2019 – 96,218 miles, 07/02/2020 – 96,969 miles, 07/10/2020 – 97,076 miles,  04/01/2022 – 99,370 miles.


As noted above, we have just completed a service on the car, which was a “major” interval, including renewal of spark plugs. We have also carried out a brake fluid change, as well as a fresh MOT. Additional work completed as part of our sales preparation process includes: Renewal of 2x side repeater bulbs, renewal of horn set, re-web seat belts in red, renew number plate plinth, renew luggage compartment bulb, renew air box intake pipe, remove and professionally refurbish 4x brake callipers in red with new bleed nipples, renew 4x suspension coil springs with OE M030 units, renew 2x front suspension top mounts, renew N/S inner track rod, renew N/S under-tray, renew centre under-tray, renew “up & over” (gearbox) brake pipe, renew N/S/R brake pipe, renew front to rear low pressure air conditioning pipe, re-gas air conditioning system, renew gearbox cross bar, refurbish 4x alloy wheels, four-wheel alignment.


In the last couple of years, the Porsche has also benefitted from the following works: IMS bearing upgraded for EPS cylindrical unit, renewal of three-piece clutch kit, renewal of rear main oil seal, renewal of O/S/F track rod end, renewal of 2x coil pack heat shields, renewal of fuel cap lock rod guide, renewal of 4x shock absorbers for upgraded Bilstein B6 units, renewal of 2x front suspension top mounts, renewal of 2 front suspension top bearings, renewal of front anti roll bar for upgraded H&R unit, renewal of 2x front anti roll bar bushes, renewal of rear anti roll bar for H&R upgraded unit, renewal of 2x rear anti roll bar bushes, renewal of 2x front brakes discs and pads, renewal of battery.


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