To help you know what your bill is going to amount to prior to work commencing, Friends Green Porsche offer a fixed price menu for routine servicing works on the 996 and 997 generation 911. 

Please note:

  • Friends Green Porsche’s services are not limited to the 996 and 997, but extend across all Porsche variants.
  • Friends Green Porsche use OE or our favoured tried and tested high quality after market parts.
  • For works not included on the fixed price menu, an hourly rate of £75.00 per hour applies.
  • Fixed menu prices are inclusive of labour and parts, but subject to VAT.
Minor service Completion of minor service interval. £199.00 £199.00
Major service Completion of major service interval and renewal of spark plugs. £399.00 £399.00 (Gen 1)
£499.00 (Gen 2)
Brake fluid change Renewal of brake fluid. £69.00 £69.00
Auxiliary drive belt Renewal of auxiliary drive belt. £59.00 £59.00 (Gen 1)

£109.00 (Gen 2)

Manual gearbox service Renewal of gearbox oil. £69.00 £69.00
Auto gearbox service Renewal of automatic transmission fluid, fluid filter / sump pan, sump pan gasket, sump pan bolts, sump pan plug, and sump pan plug washer. £229.00 £229.00 (Gen 1)

£499.00 (Gen 2)

Differential oil change Renewal of differential oil (front or rear). £59.00 £59.00
Coolant change Coolant system flush and fluid change. £159.00 £159.00 (Gen 1)

£209.00 (Gen 2)

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