Unless it is stated otherwise, all of our vehicles come with a three-month warranty as standard. All of our vehicles are examined upon delivery by us at Friends Green Porsche and prepared prior to sale. Any significant mechanical faults that are found upon this inspection are attended to by our designated Porsche mechanics specialist. If a significant mechanical fault arises during a sale then this will also be corrected. All cars will come with a fresh oil and filter "minor" service carried out by us at Friends Green Porsche, unless this has already been carried out on the car recently.


How the warranty works

If a significant mechanical fault arises with a purchased vehicle within the three-month cover period, the buyer should notify us of the issue immediately. If notification is not made within three months of purchase, the warranty will be deemed to have expired. Once it has been determined that there is likely to be a significant fault with an item covered under warranty, we will arrange for our designated Porsche mechanics specialist to investigate the issue at their premises. If we determine that the fault is with an item covered under warranty, the fix will be free of charge. The vehicle must be delivered to our Porsche specialists, which is located in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, at the buyer’s expense. If this is not suitable then the buyer may request for an alternative reputable garage to complete the works on the car.


What is and isn’t covered

All mechanical aspects of a vehicle are covered, but for the excluded items detailed below:


“Wear and tear items”

Wear and tear items are excluded from the warranty. Wear and tear items are items that depreciate from the normal usage of a vehicle.

Examples of some basic wear and tear items excluded from warranty are:

- Air conditioning systems

- Suspension parts

- Bushes and bearings

- Clutch

- Brake discs and pads

- Starter motor

Wear and tear items are also relative to the age and mileage of a car. It is natural for a 20-year-old car with 100,000 miles to have more depreciation to parts such as the above, than a 5-year-old car with 25,000 miles.


Minor issues

Every vehicle sold will be fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. This standard of quality is relative to the age, mileage and price of a vehicle. This means that a minor issue could be excluded from warranty on one vehicle, but the same fault on another vehicle may be covered under warranty.

For example, if a 1990 vehicle, bought for £8,000 with 100,000 miles covered develops a minor oil “weep”, the vehicle will still be of sufficient quality, so the issue won’t be covered under warranty. However, if a 2010 vehicle, bought for £38,000 with 30,000 miles covered develops the same “weep”, this will be regarded as insufficient quality and the issue will be covered under the warranty.


Intermediate shaft bearing

The intermediate shaft bearing is a known suspect part with this range of car and due to the unpredictability of failure, it cannot be warranted. However, for the range of cars that have the external type intermediate shaft bearing, such as the 996, 986, early 997 and early 987, we offer the choice of an upgraded part to be fitted with the purchase of the vehicle for a discounted price. Please visit the “IMS bearing upgrade” page for details.



The cosmetic features of a vehicle are not covered under warranty.

Please note

This warranty is underwritten by us at Friends Green Porsche. The liabilities arising from the vehicle inspection, preparation and warranty work fall upon us and not any other entity. Our designated Porsche Specialist is a totally separate entity to us and are simply instructed to carry out works on our sales vehicles. 

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